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 Security and Data Privacy

Security and Data Privacy

Asia Online takes security and data privacy very seriously. We recognize that your translation memories and other linguistic assets are very valuable. These linguistic assets provide a unique competitive advantage by offering greater accuracy, efficiency and productivity. Our corporate culture and infrastructure are designed with security and privacy at their core.

Security is not a feature; it’s the essence of doing business on the Internet. Asia Online’s data center facilities and operations are designed with meticulous attention to the variety of potential threats that can affect the integrity of your data.

Unlike some of our competitors, Asia Online is not a Language Service Provider (LSP). We are focused only on the machine translation element of the translation process. Our primary business is with LSPs, not end customers of translation services. Our only use for data provided by clients is to customize an engine specifically for the client. We will never use the data for any other purpose.

Asia Online does not offer any human translation services. We respect our client relationships with their end customers and do not actively compete for business with these customers. The success of our LSP customers becomes our success and we work together in a close partnership to enhance the LSPs relationship with their customers by enabling them to offer more competitive rates through the improvements in productivity that can be obtained when high quality machine translation is combined with the human translation and editing services that our LSP partners provide and specialize in.

When a client sends data to Asia Online, we ensure that the data is protected and secured by using a world class data center and a system of policies and procedures designed specifically for our client’s data protection.

Your Data and Your Custom Engines are Private


Data provided by clients will only be used for the purpose of building and improving your own custom engines. We do not share your data with any other clients and do not use your data to build other translation engines. Data is stored in a secure storage facility and segmented so that it can only be accessed by authorized users.

Custom Engines are private to each client. Once a custom engine has been created for a client, the engine can only be accessed by the client or those authorized by the client. Clients control who can access custom engines by using the Language Studio™ web interface to manage permissions and security.



Asia Online is very serious about protecting your data and puts its commitments to protect your data into a comprehensive contract. This contract details how your data can and cannot be used by Asia Online and ensures that all intellectual property provided to Asia Online by our clients remains 100% the property of our clients, with no transfer of ownership required.



Data is stored on a secure file system with access restricted to essential IT administration staff within Asia Online. Each client’s data is stored independently with 2048 bit encryption to ensure that there is no possibility of data leakage.

Asia Online leverages secure data center facilities in Europe, USA and Asia. Data center facilities have the following additional certifications:

ISO 9001 (quality management)ISO 14001 (environmental management)ISO 50001 (energy management)ISO 27001 (information security management)OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety)PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft) certified; participant Code of Conduct Datacenters; SSAE16 Type II certification in Nov. 2013.Datacenter Star Audit (DCSA). Copies of certifications are available on request.

Policy and Procedure


Asia Online limits access to client data to our staff directly involved in the customization of a client’s engine. Many of the customization processes are fully automated, with no human access to data other than summary and progress information.

All Asia Online personnel with access to client’s data have been interviewed and vetted by Asia Online. Each individual employee of Asia Online who is allowed access to client data is subject to a confidentiality agreement.