While raising a ticket with Omniscien Technologies Support, for us to deliver the best service possible, it is important for us to have the necessary information at hand, so we can support your request in a quick turnaround time. This is especially important when there are different timezones and it prevents us from going backwards and forwards for information.


Many issues can be different and in this checklist below not all the requirements will be needed. For example, if you are receiving bad output, original files and job ID is essential, whereas screen prints are not needed. If you are receiving errors while accessing a screen in Language Studio, then screen prints are essential and original files are not needed.


I’ve listed below the importance of the checklist, however, this will differ depending on the issue as outlined above.



    · Language Studio Job ID (VERY HIGH)

o if this is not possible, please send us the date and time the file was sent and also how many (roughly) words that were sent for MT.

    · Language Studio Username used for the translation (LOW)

    · Date and (approximate) time the file was sent (HIGH).

    · Engine DC number & Language Pair (VERY HIGH)

    · Details of the system you are using (VERY HIGH)

o Were you using the Language Studio portal, was the translation sent through a third party system, was it your own API tool?



    · Original Source file (VERY HIGH)

o If you do not know Job ID, this is vital for us (VERY HIGH)

o If using a CAT tool, such as memoQ we will need the original file (VERY HIGH)

    · Output Target File (HIGH)

o If you do not know the Job ID, we can see what the output is that you are having.



    · Information of any errors that you are getting (VERY HIGH)

o Please be specific:

§ Where are the errors happening (what screens were you using, what action have you taken).

§ Screen prints can be helpful here.

    · Information on the problems you are having (VERY HIGH)

o Please be specific:

§ If bad content, please highlight for us where, with examples.

§ If something not working as you expected, please give some details.



    · Screen prints (VERY HIGH)

o If errors or accessing certain screens or something not working as you expected.

    · Examples (VERY HIGH)

o If you were expecting something in the output but it was different, please show examples and example files.

§ Show example of input, expected output and what output you got, highlighting the issue.

    · Debugging and logs (HIGH)

o If you have them and it is related to the problem, please send.



Problems with output:

    · Engine details, Job ID (or original source file), date and time and detailed information on what the problem is, how it was sent to us (through Portal or API) are very important for us to investigate.

Problems with CAT\TMS tools:

    · Engine details, Username, Job ID (if appropriate), original source file, date and time and detailed information on what the problem is and screen prints of errors are very important for us to investigate.