Language Variants for Custom Engines

Many languages have language variants. Examples include:

  • Portuguese (PT) / Brazilian Portuguese (PTBR)
  • Simplified Chinese (ZH) / Traditional Chinese (ZHHK / ZHTW)
  • French (FR) / Canadian French (FRCA)
  • Spanish (ES) / Mexican Spanish (ESMX)

Setting language variants in Language Studio™ is very simple. There are 2 scenarios for setting language variants:

Scenario 1: Creating a new custom engine

  1. Access the Custom Engine Project Manger screen by accessing Menu>Custom Engines>Create New Custom Engine.
  2. Select the Language Pair and Domain that you need. You do not set up the variant in this tab but just the top level language pair. When selected, click Next.

        3. On the next tab, Engine Properties is where you can set the variant. In the box next to the Language Code (as seen as below).         Once done, click Next.

Carry on creating the the engine and the Variant will now be set for this engine.

Scenario 2: Setting the language variant on an existing custom engine

  1. Access the Custom Engine Catalog screen by accessing Menu>Custom Engines>Custom Engine Catalog. Click the My Custom Engines tab, followed by Advanced and Expand All to view the engines.
  2. Click on the  button to the left of the engine to access the engine.

  1. In the Custom Engine Project Manager, in the Properties tab, click Edit.
  2. Find the Basic Properties section and add the relevant variant next to the Language Code box.

        5. Click on the Save button to save the changes.

The Language Variant changes will now show.