Unlike many other competing translation technologies, all of the Language Studio™ language pairs go direct from one language to another (i.e. German French).

Language Studio™ does not use a third language such as English as a middle language (i.e. German English ... English French) to bridge the gap between language pairs. This means that the opportunity to introduce translation errors is reduced and translation quality is higher.

By only translating directly between language pairs, Language Studio™ is able to perform a variety of pre- and post-processing tasks that increase the quality of translations. If pivoting translations via a third language, many of these tasks cannot be performed. Also by pivoting translations, any errors in the first translation will be compounded further by the second translation.

At Omniscien Technologies, we are obsessed with translation quality, and all of our processes are designed to reduce or eliminate the opportunities for errors to occur. Direct translations are an essential part of delivering this quality.

There is only one exception where we may pivot and that is when a client want translation between two language pairs that are quite obscure that it is not possible to find any data for such as Thai Finnish.