There are three main identifiers within Language Studio that identify you as an organization (account), an individual (user) and the custom engines (domain code) that are developed.

Account Number:

On signing up for Language Studio, each customer is assigned a unique account number that there account is identified by.


Under each account multiple users can be created. There must be at least 1 user assigned to each account. Users can be set to be a human user or an API user. API users cannot log into the portal directly and can only access Language Studio by using the software such as memoQ, SDL Studio, MemSource, XTM or their own applications that connect to Language Studio via the Language Studio API. Users of any kind are unique to an account.

Domain Code:

Under each account, multiple custom engines are created. Each custom engine is assigned a unique Domain Code that identifies the custom engine project from which the custom engine was created.  Custom engines and their domain codes are unique to an account. If you wish to share a custom engine with another account, contact your account manager who can assign an alias to your custom engine. This requires your express permission in writing. All custom engines are listed in the Custom Engine Catalog.