This article is for help in checking which segments have had MT segments populated in files sent to Language Studio.

1. The first thing you need to make sure is, is that your TM is inserted into the project. You can do this by right clicking the TM and select Use In Project. Then apply this change by clicking the tick button in the top left corner.

2. Send the file you wish to translate into Language Studio by clicking the Language Studio Button. Here you can adjust the Fuzzy score settings (default is 80).

3. After submitting the job and the job has been returned by Language Studio it will show as Finished with success. Close this screen and when you are back to the Projects screen (above image), click Open Local Copy.

4. In the next screen, double click the file you translated and it will give you a view of the source and target. If there is a TM match, it will show on the right sided pane. The MT output shows in the Target column on the left pane and the TM on the right pane. If there is no TM match the right pane will be blank.

5. If you wish to accept the MT match, just move onto the next segment. If you prefer the TM match, right-click the Translation result in the right pane and select to insert target into translation. The Left pane will now change the target to the TM match.

6. When finished checking the translation segments, press the Confirm button on the top of the screen and the next segment will be selected (as the image shows this second segment has no TM match)..