To train an engine with new data and improve the output of your translations, you will need to create a new version of the engine.

Below are the instructions on how to add new data to the engine and submit it for training.

STEP ONE - Selecting the engine you wish to add new data to.

1. In the Custom Engines Menu select Custom Engine Catalog. This will take you to the list of all your custom engines.

2. Select My Custom Engines tab, press Expand All, find the Domain CodeĀ for the engine you wish to train and select the green arrow next to it.

STEP TWO - Creating a new version of the engine to train

3. After selecting the engine, you will be taken to the Custom Engine Project Manager screen for that custom engine. Click on the Versions tab and click the +Add button to create a new version.

4. This will create a new version of the engine.

STEP THREE - Uploading data to the new version of the engine.

5. Click on the Data Catalog tab and select the type of data you wish to upload.

6. Choose the data you wish to upload, such as Bilingual Translation Memories.

7. Click the Add Files button to upload data or select files from another engine.

8. When it has finished uploading, click Save to upload the data fully.

9. In the Data Catalog screen, the data that has been uploaded will appear in the table.

10. If you wish to add more data, please follow Step Three again.

STEP FOUR - Sending the data for training

11. When you have uploaded all the data required for this new version, go to the Training tab and then the Train Engine tab and select the Submit For Processing button and this will notify us that data has been uploaded for this engine. Once submitted, Omnisicien Technologies staff will be notified.

12. To review the data you uploaded, click Training then Training Data tab.