Translation jobs can be submitted to Language Studio via a variety of means. These include your desktop tools (SDL Studio, memoQ Translator Pro), TMS (SDL World Server, memoQ Server, XTM, etc.), Language Studio Desktop Connector, Drop Folders, API and the Language Studio web interface - collectively we will refer to these as Client Software.

After you have submitted a job from your Client Software, the job may be processed prior to sending to Language Studio. If there is an issue in this stage, then the job will never be sent to Language Studio. This check list is designed to help you determine if the job was received by Language Studio and the current status of the job.

Please Note - As there are a large number of different kinds of Client Software that connect to Language Studio, Omniscien Technologies are not experts in nor do we have any control over their debugging or how the jobs are submitted. Performing these checks will help to identify where the issue resides and resolve it more efficiently.

This knowledge base article will detail what checks can be done and what the possible scenarios are for the cause and what action should be taken.

Checking to see if the Job was received by Language Studio
Customers often report that their job did not return back to their Client Software, only to find out that there was an issue on the client side and the Job was never transmitted to Language Studio. You can quickly determine if the Job was received by Language Studio by checking the Job History.

There are couple of ways you can access the Job Queue through on Language Studio as shown below.

From Menu:

From Dashboard:

Check Job Queue

Look for the engine (domain) that the job was issued for and the time (CEST).

If the Job was received
Check if the job was received successfully by looking at the job status.

Job Status:

- The file was received and translated without issue.

Error - The job was received, though an error happened during processing. Please contact our support desk at

Processing - The job has been received and is currently processing.

Queued - The job has been received and is waiting in line in the job queue to be processed.

If the Job was not received by Language Studio

First step - Check your configuration.
Have your Language Studio credentials been set up correctly on your desktop tools? Have the projects been set up correctly?

Talking to your desktop tool supplier can help further, so can our Language Studio Connector documentation for guidance on connection to Language Studio.

You can access the relevant documentation through the Dashboard in Language Studio, by clicking on Integrate.

Then, click the Third Party Products tab to look for the desktop tool documentation that you need.

Second Step - Check your Workflow.

Some helpful questions to ask when checking your workflow.

Was the job submitted with MT switched on?
Was the correct Language Pair and domain selected?
Were there segments that needed MT translating?
Were the files actually confirmed as being submitted to Language Studio for translation?

Talking to your desktop tool supplier can help further, with them checking the workflow was followed correctly.

Third Step - Check for Errors

Check your desktop tool debugging files; are any errors showing?
Is the desktop tool connected to the internet properly?
Are there any errors showing on the tool?

If the issues continue, please raise a ticket to our support desk at