What is the Diagnostic Stage?

Diagnostic Review is a human review stage where you can review an engine for quality and determine if the desired quality level has been achieved.

How to review the Quality

Diagnostic Translation Tab enables you to test the engine when it is in Diagnostic stage. At this point, you will not be able to test with documents, but with a small amount of text. When happy with the output, you can confirm for the engine to be Published.


How To Publish an Engine

1) From your main menu in Language Studio, choose the following link - Menu>Custom Engine>Custom Engine Catalog.

2) Click My Custom Engines tab.




3) Click Expand All and Advanced, to show all the custom engines in your account.



4) Then click the green arrow for the engine you wish to view.


5) Once accessed, your will be taken to the Custom Engine Project Manager for this engine.

6) Select the Quality Improvement Plan, followed by the Diagnostic Translations Tab, to test the quality (as shown at the top of this article).

7) Choose the Versions tab. If you decide that the desired quality level has been achieved, click Publish button to publish the engine. The engine will now be ready for translation.


If there are any problems with the quality, please contact you Technical Account Manager for further help.