What engines can I create with a a BASIC Customization?

There are two types of Custom Engines, BASIC customization and PROFESSIONAL customization. Details of the differences are at the footnote to this page.

Depending on whether you choose a BASIC or PROFESSIONAL customization impacts which Language Pair and Domain combination are available for you to create. If it is BASIC, not all language pairs and domains are available and details on how to find which ones are and are not, are detailed below.

If at any stage, there is a Language Pair and Domain combination you are interested in that is not available, speak to Omniscien Technologies at sales@omniscien.com who can help discuss with you on how to upgrade to a PROFESSIONAL customization.

Finding which Language Pair and Domain Combinations are available for a BASIC Customization.

For creating an engine you need to access Menu>Custom Engine>Create New Custom Engine and in the Industry Domain tab you will see the following:


Language Pair: Select the relevant source and target languages needed for the top level domain.




Industry Domain: Select the industry domain for the engine.



This shows how many BASIC customized engines you have built for this Language Pair and Domain combination on your account.

PROFESSIONAL: This shows how many PROFESSIONAL customized engines you have built for this Language Pair and Domain combination on your account.

Row is highlighted green: This means that you have existing engines already built with this specific Language Pair and Domain combination.

Which engines are available?

With a Tick : In Language Studio 4 we have pre-built Industry engines. Any rows that have a tick means an Industry engine has already been built for this Language Pair and Domain combination, so that any BASIC trainings will be quick and fast.


Without a Tick : Industry domains without a tick mean that there is no industry engine currently available, so a BASIC customization is not possible. If however, you do want this engine, continue with creating the engine and select the PROFESSIONAL build. Omniscien Technologies can help you with this.

For engines that are not available for BASIC Customization

We do build on demand based on needs and market value. If you wish to create an engine we will note this Language Pair and Domain combination request to our list this and will put the industry engine build at the front of the queue to be assessed.



BASIC Engines
A Commodity Level Rapid Customization that delivers a working engine in just a few hours.

This is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) custom engine where a user is in complete control of the process and training is automated. Unlike PROFESSIONAL custom engines that are guided by Language Studio Experts, BASIC custom engines are managed entirely by the user.

An Expert Guided Comprehensive Customization that is based on a collaborative effort between Language Studio Experts and the user, and which expands the features offered in a BASIC custom engine to deliver the highest possible translation quality and consequently productivity improvements.

Language Studio Experts guide, manage and execute all of the technical tasks and, after submission of relevant data by the user, there is minimal user effort required in most cases. Only tasks where user input or language specific input is required are reverted back to the user. Most tasks are performed by the Language Studio platform and guided by a unique Quality Improvement Plan that is specific to your engine. Through this collaborative effort, a high quality custom engine can be built in a very short time.