The Quality Improvement Plan is a plan created by your Client Account Manager for improving the quality of your Custom Engine.

What is a Quality Improvement Plan?

A Quality Improvement Plan details a strategy to improve the quality of your engine after the Diagnostic Engine (the first version of the engine built) has been published. For an engine to improve in quality it matures with further re-trainings over time. When increments are made to the Custom Engine with post-edited MT data, glossaries and more language model, the engine will increase in higher quality.

How is the Quality Improvement Plan made?

Your Client Account Manager will work with you at analyzing the quality of the diagnostic engine and focus on which areas need improvements and how those improvements can be made. From there, an analysis of what types of data will be specified in your plan and if these requirements are expected from the client or Omniscien Technologies.

Where can I access the Quality Improvement Plan?

Once your Client Account Manager has drafted the plan, you can access this on your engine by the following steps.

Step One - Log onto Language Studio and select Menu>Custom Engines>Custom Engine Catalog.

Step Two - Select the My Custom Engines tab and press Expand All to see your engines and select the engine you wish to check.

Step Three - in the Custom Engine Project Manager screen, select the Quality Improvement tab.

Step Four - In the Quality Improvement tab, select the Quality Improvement Plan and then minimize the header.

Step Five - The Quality Improvement Plan lists the tasks (types of data, data process and re-trainings) with owner and target completion dates.

Where can I request a Quality Improvement Plan or discuss with Omniscien Technologies?

To discuss this with a Language Studio Expert, select Contact Language Studio Expert from the Quality Improvement Plan tab.