To upload a bulk of files to Language Studio, please follow these steps below.

This screen is helpful for uploading files into your account or for easy access to files to pass between engines. For example, your MT Project Manager may require a large file to be uploaded into an engine by uploading a zipped file here, it can be unzipped and the Project Manager can then allocate the file to the appropriate engine. It can also be used for sending files to Omniscien Technologies or for files that you wish to translate.

Uploading files to the File Pick-Up / Drop-Off Folder

1. Access the screen at Menu>General>File Pick-Up / Drop-Off.

2. Press the Upload button and select the file/s you wish to upload.

3. Once uploaded, the file will appear in the list (if not, please click Refresh). 

4. Then you can Unzip the file. Once unzipped, the files will appear in the list (if not, please click Refresh).