The Re-translate feature allows documents that have already been translated to be translated again without additional charges. Language Studio only charges for the first translation of a document. Subsequent translations of the same document are not charged.

This feature only applies to files that are loaded directly through Language Studio. To use this feature, take the following steps:
After uploading or selecting a file on the Translate screen, change to Advanced Translation Mode by clicking on the radio button in the top right corner.

A new tab will appear called Advanced Options, select this and enable Re-Translation by checking the "Keep files on server for re-translation" check box and selecting an expiry date. The maximum expiry date is 1 year.

You can go to the Job Queue menu and re-translate the document any time without charge within the expiry period, by clicking the circled button at the far right of the job which will submit the file for re-translation.

Note: The source file will not be removed by house keeping, but other related files such as previous translations will expire.