Language Studio™ custom engines are customized to very granular domains. Some MT systems may offer a domain such as “Automotive”. Such a domain is very high level and does not take into account the target audience, context, preferred terminology or writing style required. For example, Automotive Marketing is different to Automotive Technical Manuals and Automotive User Manuals.

If you translate text that is outside of the domain that the engine was customized for, the quality of the output will be notably lower. The further out of the domain the document being translated is, the lower the quality of the translation. For example, if you translate a medical document with an engine trained in the finance domain, you should not expect high quality output.

The Language Studio™ platform provides a suite of tools to quickly adapt custom machine translation engines to a desired sub-domain, with minimal effort and high levels of data reuse across each. A wide range of tools and approaches are available to address all customization needs. As the approach taken will differ depending on the data you have available, the language pairs, target audience and the required writing style, the approach is adapted to each client’s specific needs. Contact your Technical Account Manager for an overview of how we can best customize an engine for you.